Friday, September 29, 2006

New Orleans Continued

I could only get two pictures to download on my last post, so I will try again. See below for the complete text.

Good thing that light pole was there :)

One of the MANY places you could buy an alcoholic slush

A typical French Quarter scene (other than Bourbon St)

I couldn't resist taking this picture of a sign in a "hotel" window on Bourbon St

New Orleans

Verizon Wireless chose New Orleans as the destination for a business meeting about staffing. Verizon Wireless chose to go to New Orleans so they could be good "corporate citizens" and bring some business to the city. They told us to spend our personal dollars on T-shirts and trinkets to help the economy. I was invited to attend along with 2 others from our Call Center. What a trip. The conference was great and learned a lot.

The hotel we were in was old, but had lots of character. Rooms were big with high ceilings. When we checked out, they just kept saying "Thank you for coming, you don't know how much it means."

If we went out the side door of the lobby of our hotel, and walked 1/2 block you would run into Bourbon St. The first night we got there was the first home game in the newly refinished football stadium in New Orleans. The town was HOPPIN! Needless to say, so was Bourbon St. It was just fun to be there and feel their excitement.

There was an interesting group of us who "hung-out" together. Myself, the two others from SLC, two from Denver and one from Northern California.

We ate some dang good food. For dinner the first night of the meeting, the Company arranged a 3 hour trip down the Mississippi River and served dinner along the way.

I really couldn't tell if the French Quarter was just very run down with lots of shops closed, or if it was a result of the hurricane. I didn't see any damage, but a few windows were boarded up.

Here are some pictures of our adventure. Enjoy! P.S. I wouldn't recommend the French Quarter as a family destination point.

This is a patio from my hotel room.

Guess where?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Les and Gay Come to Visit

So, Les and Gay come to the big city for a visit, and this is how the visit ends up. All asleep on the couch!

Actually, they came for a wedding of their granddaughter, and after the reception, they came for a visit. We have enjoyed having them with us.

We had French Toast with Granola on it for breakfast, and it filled us up so much we didn't want lunch. Now we are starving, and ready for dinner, which is going to be a production. Flank Steak, Asparagus, mushrooms, fried onions, etc. Yumm.

Also included is a picture of Les and Carl. Les is the oldest, and I am the youngest of all siblings. Who do you think is the better looking?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prius Quilt is Done

Here it is folks, the Prius Quilt in its proper place. Looks nice! Thanks Pat.


The Boy Scouts put flags all over the neighborhood for 9-11. It was a great way to remember and honor the heros of 9-11 and those who lost their lives. That evening, we had the "Empty Nesters" Family Home Evening at our house (this is a group of old people who meet once a month for FHE. We mostly discuss our aches and pains) For FHE, we discussed 9-11 and expressed our emotions and remembrances of that day. It was a good evening. Then we had Fresh Peach Pie with Whipped Cream as a treat. I'll bet you can't wait until you get old.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A New Quilt

You know what it means when Pat creates a quilt? That means a new baby arrival. Sure enough A new arrival has hit the Clark household and it needed a new quilt. Don't you think this quilt will look nice in the new Prius? Yup, it's the Prius quilt. All cars need a quilt because you never know when you will need to stop for a picnic, need it for a ball game, or in an emergency, keep warm.

We had a busy day today. Got peaches, canned peaches, fixed dinner for a ward member (the man fell and broke two ribs, then a few days later, his wife got out of her car, thinking it was in park, but it was not. She got caught in the seat belt and it drug her for some distance. She is currently in the hospital.) We also attended a wedding reception and finished a quilt. Thanks Carrie for your help. Bed time.... Phew!


We took a little drive this morning to Brigham City to look for peaches. We stopped at Smith and Edwards and bought some crazy items we didn't need, but it was fun to slowly walk around and not be in a hurry. Then on to Brigham City via Willard. About 1 mile from Smith and Edwards there was this huge fruit stand with lots of peaches. We slammed on our brakes, and bought a bushel. We felt happy that we did not have to drive all the way to Brigham City. We came home, and then the work started. Here are some pictures of our labors!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Entertaining the Troops

Today was the day to entertain Carson, Parker, and SHANDY! Since Labor Day didn't seem to be living up to its name for Shandy and Curtis, we headed for Thanksgiving Point and the Dinosaur exhibit. While Shandy, Curtis, and Carl went to an Imax movie on caves, Carrie and Pat took the kids through the dinosaur exhibit. It really was incredible. The boys played in an erosion water/sand dealie where Carson hunted for little dinosaurs and built dams, etc. Then both boys played in the area where they give you a little brush, and you brush the sand away, discovering the dinosaur bones underneath. It was great entertainment.