Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ikea Comes to Utah!

One of the biggest events to happen in Draper, Utah, ever is about to take place...Ikea is opening their store here on May 23. Carrie, the boys, and I drove by the new store tonight. We had heard on the radio and TV that people had been camped out since Monday so they could be among the first to get in. The first 100 get a $40 chair or some such item...not sure that would be worth camping out for, but the adventurous folk do, so I say, "go for it!" Here are some photos of the store and the Ikea groupies. There was a local rock radio station there blaring their music--that would be enough to make me give up! Since Carl and Sam are in Indiana, Carrie is getting a babysitter on Thursday, so Carrie, Fern, and I can go shopping in the wild world of Ikea!! I'll bet Amelia wishes she could go with us!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flower Planting-It Takes 3

One of the beastly things about aging is the old joints don't bend so easily. How great to have a daughter who will jump right in and help the old folks!

What we don't have a photo of is me (Pat) trying to deal with a broken/leaking sprinkler head while Carl and Sam are in Indiana. The up side is that I can now turn the water on and off with the 5-foot "key" and am headed to Lowe's tomorrow for a dealie that will cap off that sprinkler until Carl is home! The down side is that I am dragging around a hose to water since we can't have the water on or we'll fill the neighbor's basement. Back to the up side...so glad Carl and Sam can give Mike and Kim a hand in helping with the finish work on the addition to their home. I'll go back out in the fall when the work is done and enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Great To Be A Mom!

Mother's Day is always a treat for me--having such a creative husband and fun kids makes it the best! Just being able to talk to each one is my favorite part of the day.

Carl has decided that I need to get funky--now aren't those earrings "me!" Just kidding...these were a WalMart $3.00 bargain and will be great at Halloween. The real gift of jewelry is on order.

Breakfast was sliced fruit topped with yogurt, breakfast quesadillas, juice, and Dillatante Chocolate-covered cherries, strawberries, and blueberries!
This beautiful basket of flowers was delivered on Saturday from those great Indiana Clarks!
Carrie and I shared Mother's Day, and I'm here to tell you, our husbands know how to cook (well, and kiss, also)! Note the steak and potatoes--they were to die for!
Now the dilemma is how to compete with all this for Father's Day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring at Work

I have to constantly remind myself not to take where I work for granted. The grounds around the Church Office Building are incredible and constantly changing. Friday the grounds personnel were taking out all the tulips, and when I go to work tomorrow, there will be thousands of new petunias, geraniums and other annuals newly planted! Hundreds of members volunteer to help with the grounds work, including YW/YM groups, YSA, Relief Societies, etc. The real wonder of the Church at Headquarters is there are hundreds of volunteers and missionaries helping the work go forth. These photos don't do the flowers justice, but you get the idea! I wish I could say that was me in the middle photo...