Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Project Continues

We now have a "real electrician" in the family!! Bless Cody's heart, he came and moved the disposal switch from a far corner where Pat couldn't reach it without a wooden spoon or long butcher knife, to just under the sink. He also did some magic with one of our lights! So Cody was under the sink, Carl was painting, and Pat was being the gopher!

The paint is a darker rust color than in this photo, and it looks wonderful!
Kind of tricky painting above the cabinets, but the resident expert got 'er done.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, Family, Food

Shandy, Curtis, and Dexter spent Saturday night and Sunday with us--such a treat! Dexter is a hoot, and really was happier than he looks in these first two photos! After attending Sacrament Meeting in Carrie and Sam's ward so we could see Carson do his part on the Primary program (all parts perfectly memorized, by the way!) we came home for the monthly cousins dinner. Theme this month was BBQ and man what a feast! Dessert was a birthday ice cream cake for Curtis.

We could hardly get Dexter out of this rocker
We caught Curtis after the candles were blown out--such enthusiasm

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Kitchen Project BEGINS

Finally, all the yard work is done, lawn mowed and mower put away, and the flowers beds all cleaned out. Since there is nothing to do outside anymore, we decided to do the kitchen. It has been one heck of a struggle trying to decide on a paint color. Last night, we said "let's go pick out a color, and just do it". That is what we did. We picked a color called "Rusty Nail". Of course, the biggest part of the project is the prep work and the mess. Here are a few pictures of our beginning. Carl filling holes and cracks. This is a very important job which requires lots of talent...(You will understand why I say this later).
Like I said, it creates quite a mess.

Here is the paint color. It is the middle one, and is called "Rusty Nail". If anyone is freaking out over the color, you better speak up now, or forever hold your peace!!

And here is Pat, doing her part to help. As I was doing my "very important job of filling cracks and holes", Pat was washing windows, etc. She said she couldn't reach the high part of the window and asked me to reach it for her. I said something like, "I am doing important work here, and can't be bothered with window washing". Wrong thing to say! ...I humbly assisted with the window washing.