Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prego Ladies and Birthday Parties...

We had an early birthday party for Shandy and the timing was great because Kami happened to be in town. The requested main dish was "Helen's Meatball's," along with Shandy's favorite birthday dessert which was made by CURTIS! Here Dexter is focused intently on the candles Shandy had just blown out--he seems to be wondering where in the world the flames went!The three "prego amigos" showed off their midsections, and the theme of the evening seemed to center around pregnancy and babies! All three are having boys, of course.
A cute photo of Kami, the youngest of the three prego amigos. We all need to go to Hawaii around the end of August to help bless this new little guy!!!

Miscellaneous and Sundry

Carl's role as master chef is now official with his chef's coat. A side benefit is that it keeps the grease off his shirts! You can see it even brings a bigger smile to his face!
It has snowed constantly ever since Christmas. After one big blizzard the snow was as high as Pat's armpit. Carl says he could kiss the person who invented snow blowers!!! What makes it worse is that our house faces north, so the houses facing us across the street have hardly any snow left, since it has nearly all melted!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Classy Pioneer Lady

Now I'm not sure she'd milk cows in this outfit, but Sharon makes a mighty fine pioneer lady. We were all amazed that Kami made this dress, apron, and bonnet without Sharon there, mailed it, and when Sharon tried it on, and it fit perfectly!!!
Here she is making her grand entrance down the stairs. Only thing lacking is some sturdy leather boots.
Bonnet closeup--will they let you take your makeup on the trek, Sharon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

West Jordan 65th

My family really outdid themselves for this milestone birthday! After we all went to dinner at Archibald's in Gardner Village (with Cody, his "friend," and Nalani joining us), we gathered at our house for cake and ice cream. Sam's mom, Fontella, had worked with Carrie on a beautiful cake. Then there were gifts--great ones--gift card from Christopher & Banks (my new favorite clothing store) for new clothes and a "Magic Bullet" blender from Carl; See's chocolates from Nalani and Jed; a wonderful entertaining ideas book and candle from Curtis and Shandy; I-tunes gift card from Darren, Susan and boys (I'm getting with it in technology)as well as a true treasure from Darren who had taken an old, beat-up photo of me as a baby with my mom--the only baby picture I had, and had cleaned it up, enlarged it, and framed it. Amazing. Then the finale--Carrie had worked her heart and soul out gathering "memories of mom" from her brothers, formatted them, printed them, included photos, and made it into a book. I was absolutely blown away. I have to say Carl and I have the best kids and grandkids ever, and our greatest joy is being with them (and that includes nieces and nephews). I'm still teary over it all.
Lucky for me we were out of candles, so all I had to blow out was one little tea light (and I had to have Carson's help on that!)

Carrie and Sam had placed these roses on our kitchen table for me to find when I came home from work on my actual birthday, and the book of memories.
The crazy group that contributed to the contents of the book!Darren and family's gift--another treasure to me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Redmond Party!

Sharon and Rich organized a semi-surprise 65th birthday party for Pat. We were staying with them since we up in Washington for Lindsay's baptism, so it was a perfect time for a party! Phil and Paul (Paul has moved south of Portland) drove up, Kris came from Seattle, Daurell/Amanda/David/, Keith/Nick/Taylor/Brian/Audrey, Steve and Jacque, Devon/Lynette/Lindsey/Shawn,Jean and Reese (Grover)Turley.We had a good time reminiscing, telling stories (most of them true), and eating! Jacque has discovered that Martinelli's now comes in single serving bottles, as seen below. Pat was presented with a wonderful dutch-oven size LeCreuset pot that must weigh 20 pounds. Can't wait to do a Sunday roast in that baby!! Thank you to all.
Amanda's trying to keep us in line

Father and son--love 'em both!

Now this is serious cookware!

Jacque, Rich, Steve looking rather serious

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lindsey Ann's Big Day

Carl had the honor of performing Lindsey's baptism in Auburn last Saturday, 2/2/08. We had a wonderful time with the Loydens, including Devon's mom and dad, Judy and Dan. Sharon, Rich, Jana, and Amanda also came to support the great event.
Carl and Lindsey just before her baptism
Getting Shawn to cooperate was a chore--Devon is trying--but all in all we were a happy group!
Shawn and Lindsey later in the day--one happy/one not so much!