Monday, June 30, 2008

40 Years and Counting...

Whoever would have thought that June 1968 to June of 2008, a total of 40 years, would have gone by so quickly. During that 40 years of marriage our home has been blessed with four of the greatest children and spouses, and, so far, nine grandchildren that bring us a lot of joy. We just wish our little granddaughters were closer (oh, and Mike and Kim, of course). Our kids and their couins surprised us with a Sunday afternoon breakfast brunch at Curtis and Shandy's and also with an overnight stay at the Marriott in Park City. The Lybberts joined in on the send-off with a decorated car, balloons, and confetti which, by the way, we are still finding all over the place. We had a "grande" time in Park City, even without a interpret as you wish...

Here's the happy couple forty years later; we still look good, huh?!!

The decorated Prius--the back window read "Been There, Done That;" the side windows "Hoot Katoosh," and "Gosh Dang It!" Also, balloons and golf balls dragging behind.

Our own mini anniversary cake, along with sparkling cider and classy flower-decorated goblets.

Rather than shoving the cake in each other's mouths, we decided to be a little more subdued.
Here's a good-looking hunky Park City tourist!

Slow Going, But Fun Times

The new deck is proceeding slowly, but we've certainly had some great unpaid labor! Plus, Carl is acquiring all kinds of new seems every new project requires a different type of tool.

They look happy--it must have cooled down a few degrees.
Those great yellow twin power screwdrivers; oh, and Curtis and Sam too!
The cousins have had fun while the guys worked. This time it was running through the sprinkler. Dexter is fearless and wants to do everything his older cousins do (and he does!).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out With The Old, In With the New

After 7 years of putting up with a splintery, warped, faded, unsightly deck, the decision was made to use our income tax return and "President Bush's Money," to replace the deck. We have chosen, with Curtis' help (who works at Lowe's--which we appreciate) Choice Deck, which is like Trex. Carl and Same unscrewed screws until their arms ached. Sam's help was MUCH appreciated. Pat and the grandsons hauled the wood off and stacked it up neatly. We've had two neighbors want some of the wood, and of course Carl's response was "Every board you take is one less I have to haul off, so please help yourself!" We haven't started putting the Choice Deck on yet, but here is where we are currently.
Twin drills--Carl wanted one "just like Sam's."
Sam giving Carson a power tool lesson
Almost done removing the old boards. A few minutes later Parker fell though as he was balancing on the cross beams giving himself a lovely wound on his cheek.