Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cable Guy!

So, on Saturday, the Cable Guy came to install cable in the guest bedroom upstairs. We got a new TV to go in there and wanted cable. So, the guy measured very carefully, went into the bedroom and drilled a hole into the garage for the cable and drilled right through our sprinkler main control box. See the nice little hole under the last round blue thing. The guy was horrified. I had to turn the water for the sprinklers on so we could test each station. Sure enough, the last three did not work. We moved the box over so he could finish installing the cable as he already had a hole drilled in the bedroom. He said his supervisor would call me on Monday to get it taken care of. I also have the supervisors number just in case he doesn't call.

The Luck of Carl

Oh well, looks like I will get a new sprinkler main control.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Countertops Done

Well, here we are. Countertops are installed and the plumbing all hooked up thanks to Sam and a good natured guy at Lowe's. They look great Pictures are a bit out of order, but I did good to get all the pictures in here. Stop by so you can take a look. The Dark deep red sure looks good (at least the paint sample does) Pat's visiting teacher is big into Feng Shui (sp), she said the red paint would "suck all the energy out of the room" and that the color was "Ying" and we needed to balance it with "Yang". I told Pat we would paint it red and if it sucked the energy out of her she might not stay so long next time she comes to visit..... Just kidding! Just like all projects I do, they don't turn out quite right. Thanks to Sam and the guy at Lowe's we got the problem fixed.
Sam working under the sink (or just messing around)

"Hurry up and get that thing tight. I can't hold this much longer and it will hurt when it falls on my head"

Hummm. Some kind of discussion is being held.

The installers carrying a big piece in the house.

Taking the old countertops off.

and...... Here they are!!

Pat's happy with new sink

Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Countertops Phase One

Thanks to Sam, we have started the process of getting new granite countertops. The installers will be here Monday. We had to unhook all the "stuff" from under the sink and move the stove. Oh my, just look at all the dirt behind the stove!
Sam working hard. He did not wear a belt on purpose so he could be a "true plumber"