Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthdays/Clocks--You Can Never Have Too Many!

Here's our birthday boy--just happy to have had another birthday (it just means he's that much closer to retirement)! He keeps complaining that he feels 64, but doesn't get much sympathy from Pat. It was a very quiet birthday, but more celebration is yet to come this weekend. Anyone who has been in our home knows we don't lack for clocks!! Don't know what it is, but we seem to be drawn to them. Now it's time to start putting them outside. Carl's new birthday clock will be put out on the brick wall in our back yard. So, if you're sitting on our deck you won't be able to lose track of time (even if you want to...)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Family Rocks!

We had a grand time this past weekend with our trip to Idaho--the weather was perfect, the ducks and seagulls on the Snake River were eager to please the crowds by eating bread, corn, and anything else anyone had with them. We sat on a bench for a couple of hours taking in the spirit of the place and looking across that river at the temple that started our family...then the peace was broken by the grandsons that we loved every bit as much as the peace and quiet.

Travis and Lindsay along with their parents had planned a perfect day for us on Saturday. The Rexburg temple is incredible, the wedding was beautiful, the wedding luncheon at Johnny Carino's (one of our favorites) was delicious, the laughter was infectious and abundant, the hugs were heart-warming, and it was plain good to see everyone. Thanks for the occasion to get us all together.

Travis and Lindsay took full advantage of the frosting on the wedding cake--Lindsay actually was the instigator of the "smear the frosting on the face" tradition!
Here are cute cousin mamas!

Darren wants to try out for "Dancing With the Stars" (or trying to give Curtis a run for his money in Disco Dancing)!
Susan's in the running for favorite aunt of cute, crazy-haired little Cameron.
And, finally, this sign in front of our hotel reminded us that we were, indeed, in Idaho again!! (the sign says "Block heater receptacles for hotel guests only.")

Focusing on General Conference!

Watching General Conference at home can be so very relaxing...Looks like Sam and Kevin were (to quote Carl) "watching through their eyelids!" At least Susan has her eyes open and is looking in the right direction!
Come on, Carl, it can't be that bad!! Or was someone sitting in your chair?
Ethan, our artist, had fun with the conference packet coloring the ties of the different speakers. We really were listening to the speakers, weren't we, Ethan!
And, Jacob--that little guy didn't stop the entire weekend! He either had this barn, the Spiderman car, or the huge Dinoco helicopter--usually carrying every one of them at one time!