Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thanks Darren & Susan

For my birthday, Darren & Susan gave me a gift card to Lowes. So, finally, the other day I spent my gift card on a watering system for my tomato plants. They had been watered by a sprinkler, but when they got tall, the ones in front could not get any water because the ones in back blocked the sprinkler. So now, each plant has its own little water supply. I have also bought chemicals to spray for "Blosom end Rot". (Didn't know what that was until I moved to Utah), and another spray to help the blossoms produce fruit. We'll see!!


Right after Curtis and Shandy moved to their home in Orem, we visited and discovered all these Hollyhocks in a field by their house. I gathered bunches of seeds, and came home and put them in little tiny Peat Moss seed planter things. Only a few came up. I planted them, and this is the first year they have bloomed. Only two survived. Here are their pictures.

Parker's 2 Year B'Day Party

OK, these are a little late, but better late than never.

Parker is Real Cool with his sun glasses on.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday Before Fathers Day

We all ended up at Curt and Shandy's place to help do a alittle work on their house and yard. The best part was the dinner afterwards. We had to try out the new BBQ Pit and Curtis's new Dutch Oven. We had Dutch Oven Potatoes with lots of cheese on top (and some bacon too. I put too much bacon on and they were kinda greasy). Here is a picture of Curtis guarding his BBQ Pit, Curtis and his dad watching the ductch oven as it was cooking the potatoes, and a picture of the results. YUMMIE!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Yard 'n Stuff

Out taking pictures with the new camera. Here are some pictures of some flowers in the yard. The big tall white flower is actually the blossom of a big onion that survived the winter and has grown all summer.

Is it time for the Prius to get here yet? Oh yea, it has only been one day!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Toyota Prius Update

Here is an update on the Prius. Today, I put money down on the Prius and they placed an order. It should be here in 1 month to 6 weeks.

We chose "Classic Silver Metalic". We think it will "match" us with our Silver hair. We are thinking of getting the windows tinted. It will look hot. We will look hot driving it!

New Camera

Our nice Olympus digital camera that we ran over with the car finally bit the dust. So we were forced to buy a new one. This one is a Nikon 5.1 MP. Yeah, we know there are higher pixel cameras out there, but we're being frugal!! These are our first practice photos. The hydrangea in the pot with New Guinea impatiens around it is to remind us of the gorgeous hydrangeas in the Northwest. We'll see if we can coax it into blooming.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Thanksgiving Point, Etc

After a hard day of work on Saturday (Carl at a job fair and Pat cleaning the house while Carl was at work) we decided we needed some fun. So we went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We had never been there and it was quite nice. I (Carl) liked with waterfalls. I liked how it made my stomach feel as I leaned over the bridge and looked at all water cascading over the rocks. NOT!! Warning!! You kids WILL NOT lean over any edges or try to push each other off cliffs while we are in Yellowstone for our Reunion!

We then went to Provo and had dinner with Curtis and Shandy. We had a nice evening and afternoon.

Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Car Maybe

We are seriously considering getting a new Toyota Prius (Thanks Jon & Kristi). We would trade in Mom's Hyundi. The question is... We can't decide which color so we need all your help.

Here are the choices:
Super White; Classic Silver Metalic; Magnetic Gray; Driftwood Pearl; Barcelona Red Metallic; Silver Pine Mica; Seaside Pearl or Black.

55 MPG on the highway sure sounds good!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday Night in the Park

We were in charge of the Ward BBQ yesterday. The weather was perfect, we had a big crowd and the hamburgers & Hotdogs were delicious. It is hard to buy for a large group when you are not sure how many will be attending. So we took our best shot, and at the end, we had 40 hamburgers left over and one package of 8 hot dogs. So, I would say we guessed pretty close! We didn't put together a committed to plan, we just did it ourselves this time. We did make a few basic assignments (like water balloons which resulted in a great water fight). We were tired at the end of the event.