Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Big 30..Shandy's Turn

Lest we totally miss posting in February, we finally took some photos. Life has been rather, shall we say, less than exciting, icky, etc., but things are looking up. Pat is slowly regaining energy and trying to get her gosh-darned right knee to bend. Enough of that...

The gang gathered the day before Shandy's 30th birthday (actual birthday-Feb. 26)to celebrate. The consensus of the group was to order from Cafe Rio, and feed the kids Spaghetti-Os. Curtis-yes Curtis-made Shandy's favorite dessert--great evening with great people! All the little boy cousins had a ball, and it was great watching them together.

Waiting for Shandy to finish her Cafe Rio salad so we can get to dessert!Shandy's youngest brother, David, and Carrie
also waiting for dessert