Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crawfordsville Trip 2007 - What a Trip

We had a very wonderful trip to see Mike, Kim, the girls and ALL the rest of the family. We had an awesome halloween party, went to the Covered Bridge Festival which had millions of people it seemed like. We took a boat ride on the lake in the evening. We even got to eat Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Ray's house. YUMMMMIE. There was even toronado warnings when we got there. We got to watch the Colts win a football game (with the whole clan) in Mike and Kim's new addition to their house. To sum it up, It was awesome!!!

Here is a picture of Camilla. What a beautiful witch. Later she was even doing back flips in her witche's costume!

Here is Courtney. She looks good no matter how she is dressed.

Here are two lovely folks. Pat the snake charmer and Carl the Sumo Guy

Here is Patrick and Kinsey as Dr Phil and Oprah

Another picture of the mad snake charmer.

My dream retirement house on the lake. The house is owned by this elderly lady. I am just waiting in the wings. Won't this be a fun place for everyone to come and visit us?

Camilla never sits still. If she is not doing backflips, she is "climbing the walls"

A couple of "Studs"

Mike and his Momma

Sunday Dinner at Grandma's. The "Boys" are having to do the dishes (Mike, Carl & Greg)

Mike and Kim and girls at the Covered Bridge Festival

Purdue fans at the Mansfield covered bridge

Well, looks like you get to see us again. Lucky you

Here is a picture of the millions of people attending the covered bridge. This is just one small section.

and finally, the view across the lake from Priebe's Lake House. The Priebe's are always so kind to us and let us stay at the Lake House. It truly a real vacation.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cousins Dinner/Carson's Birthday

Today after the second session of General Conference we started a new round of "Cousins Dinners" at Curtis and Shandy's. Our theme this time was Mexican, plus we celebrated Carson's 7th birthday a couple of days early. True to form, the dinner was delicious and plentiful. Carson had picked out a "Pirates of the Caribbean" pinata; thank goodness the day was beautiful, so we scattered candy all over the carport.

These two stick together--Nalani's due around March 5, and Carrie March 15...

(Above) Carson and Dexter are "buds."

(Above) A bit lower, Cody!

(Above) Carson can now read his own cards

Happy siblings! (You won't be laying like that for long, Nalani...)