Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Snow Made Tolerable

After posting the photo of the pussywillow tree in beautiful spring weather last week, here is what is happening now. However, a visit from my pal, Cameron, makes it all tolerable! This is how he likes to be held when his grandma sings the ABC song to him.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carl and "The Center for Facial Appearances"

("The Center for Facial Appearances" is really the name of the following facility) Yesterday, Carl had his first follow-up appointment to remove stitches and have the contacts removed. He went to the downtown office for the first time (this doctor maintains two offices, one in downtown Salt Lake City and one in Sandy). As we walked into the downtown office, we could plainly see that anyone who is interested in the medical field should go into cosmetic surgery as it was PLUSH--exquisitely decorated with original artwork, statuary, and Persian rugs.

While waiting in the well-appointed waiting area in the comfy overstuffed leather chairs, Carl noticed a restroom and thought that if they are going to be "digging" around in his eyes, he better take advantage of the opportunity. The restroom was as equisitly decorated as the rest of the entire office. After finishing using the facilities, his attention immediately went to making sure no one could tell he had even been in there. After a quick examination of the "rim" he lowered the lid, quickly washed his hands, and departed.

It wasn't long until we were called to follow the perky little assistant down the long corridor to the examining room. The stitches were removed by the physician's helper, as well as the protective contacts, and his eyes quickly felt better. The facial surgeon made his entrance, sat down, and proceeded to tell Carl about his experience under anesthesia during the surgery. Carl said, "yes, I remember waking up during the procedure and hollering, 'I'm awake!' " The doctor said, "yes, I know, we had to turn off the anesthesia because you were so agitated." So Carl asked the doctor: "Was I being a real brat?" He laughed and said, "Well, you were thrashing around, moving your head from side to side, closing your eyes really tight and refusing to open them, and trying to get your hand up to your face to help out. We finally had to turn it off and wake you up so you would hold still, and proceeded with a local with you awake!" As a result of Carl not holding still, he has to go back in in three weeks to complete the procedure of permanently removing eyelashes that grow straight up from the lower lid, rubbbing against the eyeball (a condition he's always had).

It wasn't until on our way home that he happened to put his hands in his lap and felt the rought edges of a zipper. He looked down and realized that his fly was wide open and had been the entire time since using the fancy restroom. He guessed he was so intent on destroying all evidence of his being there, he forgot to zip up! The positive in all this is he can see better and has a wider range of vision.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Five...

Day #5, and things are getting scarier all the time. Carl eyes now look like a green hamburger with mustard and ketchup top and bottom! However, out in public he looks mighty fine in his cool sunglasses, so he doesn't scare little kids!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sickies-Day 4

I (Pat) just figured out we can take photos right from our laptop...I know, you probably all knew that, but we are of the generation that has to learn every little computer thing one at a time!

I had just called Carl tlo the kitchen where I was working on the laptop...he came up behind me with his hand on his see the wonder of the laptop camera. So, here you have him on Day 4! He is still swollen and black and blue; however, if we can look beyond all that we see "one hot stud." (He told me to say that!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Carl Day 3

Day Three - Friday the 13th. In spite of what you see, Carl is looking a bit better--he can even see now. Since we are both getting cabin fever, our big outing for the afternoon was a short trip around the west side of the valley, then stopping at the new Arctic Circle close to us for a dipped cone! I'll tell ya, life is really exciting around here! On a brighter note, our pussy willow tree in the back yard is telling us spring is right around the corner...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Sickie in the House!

This posting is not for faint-of-heart! Carl's upper eyelids had so much excess "stuff" in them that they were pushing his eyelids onto his eyeball, so the doctor recommended surgery. Carl figured since they were messing around with his eyes anyway, he would have them remove the bags under his eyes while they were at it. The result is a bit scary now, but in the end we're hoping for an even more handsome Carl!!

So, at this point, Pat hobbles around on her cane taking care of her sickie, then lays down on the couch until the next round of eye drops and pain pills are required for him. Ahhh...what would we do without each other!

Here's what is under that white ice pack...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not Since Her Days of 4-H!

A miracle has occurred--actually it occurred because Carrie now has a son in Cub Scouts, which necessitates the sewing on of many patches! She called this morning and admitted she was ready to tackle sewing, at least in a small way. We brought down Pat's old Singer sewing machine from a basement closet which we purchased when we first moved to Idaho Falls from the home economics department at Bonneville High School in about 1976 ( and it was 3 years old then, so you do the math!). The last time Carrie worked at a sewing machine was when she was in 4-H--probably at about age 9 or 10.

She even remembered most about how to thread the bobbin and needle.

The finished product. She followed this with sewing on a button. Parker was quite amazed that his mom was sewing. He was enthralled with the machine, never having been around one before.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A New Beginning for Two

Pat just achieved a lifelong goal...retirement. Working at LDS Church Security has been a wonderful way to end a working career! So yesterday, March 2, 2009, after a department luncheon, presentation of a beautiful plaque, and hugs and tears, it was on to the next phase of our lives. She admits that the very first thing she did after arriving home from the office was to take a nap! Monday evening, Carrie and Sam brought over a big bouquet of beautiful roses and we all went to dinner at Applebee's!

This morning, March 3, we went to the Social Security Administration offices to get Carl signed up for Social Security benefits--his last day of work for Verizon Wireless will be around May 4. So, our life will take a new turn, and as soon as we can get Pat's knee cooperating we'll be off to have some fun!

This smile is very, very, very genuine!