Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Double Party Boy

Carl wasn't satisfied with one party--he wanted two! So, Saturday, 4/22, we had some friends from Verizon over, and on Sunday it was family. On Saturday we had a "make-your-own-Calzone" session. Everyone was amazed that you could actually make your own dough! They asked if I had bought the dough or "got it out of a can!" I guess it's easier to impress people than I (Pat) thought! On Sunday Jed and Sam were the chefs--Jed asked that I take a photo of his best side, so I think I did! It was great to hear Cody's infectious laugh again--I'm telling you when he and Curtis get together, it's a riot!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Before and After

We are DONE! Well, almost. We still need to hang pictures. So, here are pictures just as we finished putting the finishing touches on the moulding, and pictures of the room back together. We did all this tonight, and it is late, and we are tired. Thanks Sam for helping us move some heavy stuff.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Final Touches

Thanks to Sam's help tonight, we got the Crown Moulding hung in the living room. It looks awesome! Now, all that is left is the touch-up and caulking all the moulding. Yeah! I know, it looks like the picture is blurry. That is simply because we were working so fast the camera could not capture the image. (Do you buy that story Darren?)

April Variety Show

It's a typical spring in the Intermountain West. We went from a beautiful, although windy, Easter Sunday, to a blizzard. Carl always says it snows close to his birthday (April 23, also Nalani's birthday), and this year was no exception!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Let Us All Press On...

The painting project has moved into the living room and hall. Paint color was a major decision. I (Pat)was a bit nervous that the paint color (barley)was too dark, then I decided, no, it's great. Was feeling just fine about it then my Visiting Teacher, who is big into Fung Shui, looked at the paint sample and said "hmmm, pretty dark," and I was all nervous again. However, I've learned to trust Carl's taste in paint color, and he was right again. It looks wonderful. Can't wait for you all to see the difference. Also, in the middle of the job, Morris came to pick up the rest of his belongings, so we took his photo, too. In case you hadn't heard, his current plan is to go to Bible College in Redding, California, to become a pastor.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Flowers and Snow

Woke up today, April 7th to Flowers and Snow. How cool is that?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easter Candy

Easter is almost here, and there is some good candy out there! We recently bought Strawberry Cream Robin Eggs. They are the best! (Susan, pretend like you did not see this blog)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reunion Continued

Just had a chat with Darren. He checked out the Days Inn in West Yellowstone and it had a much better deal, plus it has a swimming pool with slide. I have gone ahead and booked it, and don't laugh at us old folks--our AARP rate gave us a good price. It should be around $90.00 per night, plus a bit extra for kids.

Planning Our Reunion

Pat has been madly perusing web sites for a good, reasonable hotel in West Yellowstone for the dates July 19-21 (two nights). The best one that is available seems to be the Best Western Desert Inn. Cost is approximately $130 per night (I'm checking on a group rate). There is an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, continental breakfast, IMAX theater three blocks away, plus close to all the activities in Yellowstone Park. Give us your thoughts, because we need to book soon. The accommodations in the Park go quickly. We can come back to SLC for other activities. We think the Days of '47 Parade will be on Monday, July 24, if we want to attend that together, also. This is all preliminary planning, so give us your thoughts. We chose weekdays because they are a bit cheaper.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conference Weekend Continued

Here are a few more, plus Pat doing dishes.

Conference Weekend

Watched Conference then all the kids and grandkids come over (except Mike and family). Had dinner, and after the diswasher was all loaded, Pat did the pans. Here is a picture of her washing the pans. The kids were running all over, so Pat suggested we go to a park so they could run. We found a little playground close, and boy did the kids have fun. As you can see, the big kids had fun too. We love our family!!!