Monday, November 24, 2008

Mystery Bird & Renovation

We're accustomed to seeing birds in our back yard, but this one was a surprise. We quickly took a photo through the blinds, and the not-so-clean window obscures the view, but we think it's a hawk of some kind. He quickly disappeared, and we haven't seen him/her since. Pat has wanted an island in the kitchen ever since we moved in, and the job is now complete except mounting the hardware and a final coat of varnish. We are loving it!

Since we were getting granite on the island, we had granite installed in the master bath for a very good price--we're now wishing we had done both bathrooms. Anyway, here are before and after photos of that project:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

At Our Age, Good Times Are Even Better

When we bought our first home in Taylorsville, Utah, back in 1971, we became close friends with many couples in the Taylorsville 15th ward. We still get together quarterly with a small group of those people. Our conversation now consists mainly of our latest ailments, our children and grandchildren, and stories. Those stories probably get repeated from gathering to gathering, but it's okay, because we've forgotten that we already told them!!!

Lyle Elmore, Ron Rash, Pat, Cindy Peterson, Linda Elmore Jenienne White (sitting), and Charlie White. At the moment, Carl and Lynn were at the stove being chefs
Our great friend, Vic Manwaring, drives down from Buhl, Idaho, to these gatherings. His wife, Uvene, passed away unexpectly two years ago, so one our group assignments is to find him a new companion!
Kathy and Ron Rash, with Cindy Peterson in the background directing us in a game. Cindy, the youngest of our group works hard to keep us actively involved in something besides comparing ailments!