Monday, June 07, 2010

Grandparents of the Year

When your 13-year-old granddaughter lives in Indiana and David Archuleta is autographing his new book in Salt Lake City, and you get an email plea to please, please, please go down and get that autograph, well, what's a good grandparent to do?!! Yep, we both took Trax downtown and stood in line almost four hours to fulfill that wish. And yes, Courtney, he is dreamy cute!

Family Time Part 2

The afternoon of Lucy's blessing, the family moved to Grandma and Grandpa Clark's in West Jordan for a BBQ. It was the hottest day we've had so far, and poor Grandpa is showing the effects of the heat...again, Lucy loves her Grandpa C.
These three little monkeys have an absolute ball together. Cameron, Dexter, and Parker all love ice cream cones

Carson has gotten into reading labels and revealed to us the awful truth of adding the calories of ice cream and chocolate syrup. Oh well...

This weeping pussy willow tree has become a favorite huddling place for Dexter and Cameron.

Family Time

Great family get-together yesterday. Curtis blessed little Lucy Lorraine with the help of Grandpa Clark, Grandpa Lybbert, Sam, Jarom, and Brady. this little one is such a sweetheart! She wore the blessing dress and beaded moccasins that Shandy wore when she was blessed.
Curtis, Parker and Dexter having a good game of T-ball!

The second little girl born in this go-around is Jed and Nalani's little Sloan. Here she is being cuddled by her Aunt Carrie. These two little girl cousins are going to such buddies in the years to come.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Spring, Grandkids--Life's Good

We're pretty sure that spring has finally arrived. We were beginning to think otherwise--the weather around her this year is reminiscent of our years in Idaho.

This is Carl's favorite location when the weather is warm and the yardwork is up to date!

This Fisher Price train has been in our family since Darren was little. To Carl's dismay, Pat insisted on hanging onto some of the toy favorites, and it has paid off! When Dexter, Cameron, Parker, or Jacob come to visit, this is the first toy that comes out of the toybox! The barn peeking through at the bottom of the photo runs a close second.

Little Lucy is Grandpa Clark's pride and joy. This calm little girl settled right into his arms for her dinner bottle. Pretty sure she'll be getting whatever she wants from her Grandpa Clark as she grows!