Sunday, September 21, 2008

Take Me Away...

We just spent an incredible five days with some very close friends. We've been friends with Ron and Kathy Rash, Lynn and Cindy Peterson for a long time. We've been bragging about the beauty of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest for many years and had a chance to take them there! We all flew to Seattle, rented a Suburban, and had a blast! We did the touristy stuff--Pike's Place market, the Troll, Archee McPhee's, and Snoqualmie Falls. Daurell and Jana knew many of Rash's family and were kind enough to put us up for the night. The weather was spectacular, so Daurell drove us all around Lake Sammamish on his boat. Meanwhile, Jana had prepared one of her great meals for us. Next morning we drove up to Anacortes and boarded the ferry to Lopez Island.
Our friends, Steve and Jacque Bumstead, have property on the island and have built a "cabin" on the water there. The Bumsteads treated us royally and took us around to just about every inch of the island. The guys went out along the shore and pulled oysters off the rocks, and Steve roasted them over the fire. The entire time the weather was perfect.. On Sunday we attended phone-in church services. A whole other story...
The above photo is our favorite view from the cabin overlooking what we call Bumstead Bay
Great place with a kitchen to die for!
A favorite place for lunch and browsing is the Lopez Island Pharmacy with its old fashioned soda fountain counter. Jacque and Steve are on the left. One happy group!

This plaque was a surprise to Carl. The first time we visited the Bumsteads' old cabin, Carl had just had surgery on his hands for carpal tunnel, and sat and read a book the entire time we were there. Steve and Jacque decided then and there that the new cabin would have a room dedicated to him; thus there is a small library in the turret, and many visitors bring a book to donate.

Steve and Ron say they really love oysters--hard to believe, but all the guys at least tried the ugly little critters.

Clarks, Petersons, Rashes (we call ourselves the CPRs)

We didn't want to leave and are ready to go back, although our kids would disown us if we went without them next time.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fall Means Apples

Carl's oldest brother, Les, still lives on the old home place in Menan, Idaho where Carl was raised. There are still two transparent apple trees left in what used to be a whole orchard. They produce apples every other year, and this was the year. Here is the result of the one bushel of transparent apples Les and Gay picked for us... We started the process at 6:45 last night and were completed finished and cleaned up by 9:45. Guess you could say we are quite a team!

The weather was perfect for doing applesauce in the Victorio mill out on the deck (the deck will be finished eventually, we just know).
Don't let anyone ever tell you that steam canners aren't the way to can. I wouldn't do it any other way and have been using one for years!There's nothing more rewarding than seeing full bottles of home canned goods on our food shelves. Yield of one bushel of apples was 26 pints.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chili Sauce & Wedding Bliss

This chili sauce recipe has become a favorite of ours. I tasted this chili sauce about the first time we visited Ellis and Vera Oram (Sharon's new in-laws at the time). I begged Vera for the recipe, and we've been canning it ever since. We started the process on Labor Day (aptly so, by the way), and finished after work tonight. Our yield: 13 pints and 15 half pints. That should do us for a couple of years or so. So there you go--the exciting life of Carl and Pat!
Now, more photos of the Cody/Meridith wedding. I'm bummed that we didn't get a picture of Glendon and LaNay Manwaring who came down from Pleasant View. It was their 44th wedding anniversary. LaNay raided the kitchen to get some pieces of red velvet cake to take with them to their bed and breakfast (they had reserved it in Provo so they could attend the reception). Red Velvet cake was served at their wedding reception those many years ago.

First kiss as Mr. & Mrs.

Two more lovebirds.