Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birthday Boy

Carl had another birthday (thank goodness), and of course the day included food! This year it was homemade Calzones. We were trying to replicate those we enjoyed at the little restaurant in Ephrata when were in Washington for Grandpa Bell's funeral, and we actually came fairly close! Pesto and chicken Calzones are awesome! Carl got a gigantuan clock to hand outside, so we should never be late for anything because you can see what time it is from 500 feet!! No bush is safe in our yard because he also got a Hedgehog trimmer. Also some great Lowe's gift cards for the many projects that continue.

Add marinara sauce for dipping, and yum!

Cards and gift cards

Where's my pie?!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding Trips-The Best

This family has way too much fun (no, not true, you can never have too much fun). This trip was no exception. You've seen bride and groom photos on other blogs, so here are a few random shots. The only thing that would have made it more fun is if Mike, Kim, and girls could have been there!
Mr. Studly in his new sports jacket!

Aren't they classy!

There's Mr. GQ again!

It's over--so there!! Mmmm, Susan, feeling a little festive?!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Carrots and Skiing Create Colorful Faces!

Daurell brought David down for General Conference, specifically the Priesthood session (I'm sure you'll see their matching pink ties and black suits on Jana's blog). David came back on Cloud 9 as he was able to shake the hand of several General Authorities. Then a day of skiing at Park City on Monday. Between David's sunburn and Dexter's carrots, it provided some colorful photos. Oh, and Daurell enjoying hot fudge. What you don't see is him eating the rest of the hot fudge straight out of the jar after the ice cream was gone. We talked our hearts out--and loved it!

A-h-h-h Those Faces...

We've been in touch with some awesome people over the past few weeks. Just wanted to share some random photos.
Venice Larson Hammond-my dear friend from Quincy days.

Yep, Darren, that's how you get rid of trash on the farm!

It was a bit chilly, but Barb always has a smile!

How lucky to have two crazy/wonderful sisters!