Monday, January 28, 2008

Mama Nalani

Nalani's baby shower on Saturday was so much fun. I'm so glad they let a couple of us older ones join in. This baby will not only be well dressed, but also well read.

Nothing beats a Nalani smile!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long, Cold January!

This seems to have been a long, cold month; however, the temperature promises to be above freezing today. We are definitely looking forward to spring and being able to work out in the yard! Nothing really blog-worthy lately, but peaceful is good, too. Heading down to Lindon for Nalani's baby shower should provide plentry of excitement, however!

Just remember, this sign is at our door, and we mean it!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Just Never Know...

Many of you know we have a part-time boarder. Shane Manwaring is with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office and, until he and Tammy can sell or rent their home in Spokane, he stays with us during the week, then goes up to Pleasant View (north of Ogden) when he's off. He now is also part of the SWAT team and has some new toys--weapons. Last night he came upstairs bearing a semi-automatic rifle and pistol with laser beam tracking. Put that little red light on a perpetrator's chest, and he is ready to submit! He gave us a demonstration--kind of unnerving. I guess I just never thought I'd have high-powered weapons in our house. Actually, he doesn't keep them here. Wanted those of you who visit us with your kids to feel at ease! Here's our live-in Rambo!

Had a great weekend with Dexter while his parents played in the mountains. He truly was a joy to have with us. He slept good, ate good, and kept us entertained non-stop! Carson and Parker love to be with him, too. (Does Grandma look rather tired in this photo?!)