Monday, May 26, 2008

May Stuff

The plants are in, we had spring for a day or two, even one day bordering on summer, then back to rain, rain, rain. We feel like we're back in the Northwest!!! Now we two oldies can sit back in our rockers and enjoy the scenery--oh wait, we still have to go to work!!
This little guy has been the center of attention for several weeks now, and is getting cuter every day. He's so good-natured and gets lots of attention with his unique hairstyle!
Parker is obsessed with trains. These old Fisher Price train set that has been around our family since Darren was little has never lost its charm for the grandkids, especially Parker and Dexter.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Family Is The Best

More photos of last weekend with an incredible family. We love those rare occasions when we can be with Rich and Sharon, plus having so many Orams and Clarks around is non-stop entertainment! Here are shots of some of our favorite people--

Doesn't Cannon look like a quiet little angel here?!...hmmmm.
The quiet Oram family man
Carl never misses an opportunity to put the boys to work--you should have seen Sam with the pick ax!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sports Mom

Being around Darren and Susan's boys always includes a ball of some kind, be it football, basketball or baseball. Both Ethan (1st photo) and Kevin (2nd photo) have a great throwing arm. Jacob is fast catching up to them. Susan was being a good sport and trying to catch the tosses!