Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Notes and Views

Last weekend when Darren's family was down, I tended grandsons while the "big kids" went to the movie. All the boys went to sleep in timely fashion, but Dexter would have nothing to do with that. Curtis and Shandy assured me that he would go right down...ha! Dexter and I had a wonderful time, however, reading stories, playing with helicopters, the toy train, barn, cars, etc. When his folks got home about midnight we were out on the front steps to greet them, Dexter just as wide-eyed as he could be.
The next night as we were preparing for another get-together, the doorbell rang, and Dexter came running in with a bouquet of flowers and note for Grandma. It was absolutely adorable, and I had to share this cute note! I loved having Dexter bring it, but also loved the thoughtfulness of Dexter's mom!
One of the things I'm going to miss (when I retire) about working on the top floor of the Church Office Building is the incredible view. The Utah State Capitol is, in my opinion, the most beautiful state capitol of those I have seen. This is my view out the north side of our floor around 7:30 a.m. just as the sun is coming up.

The state capitol has been closed for the past few years to be retrofitted to be earthquake resistant (or whatever the term is meaning it shouldn't fall down if/when an earthquake hits). They jacked the building up and put fittings underneath. I can't even imagine undertaking such a project. It reopened this spring. We're looking forward to taking a tour of it soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rottweilers--the family, not the dog!

Darren, Susan, Kevin, Ethan, and Jacob joined us up at Stoddard Creek campground north of Idaho Falls for the annual Rottweiler Family Reunion. Since Carl's Aunt Edna just died a couple of weeks ago at age 97, that makes his brother, Les, the oldest in the Rottweiler clan at age 81!

We truly are a winning family...all three of Darren and Susan's boys won their choice of soda pop in some kids' games (this cute little girl in yellow wanted to be in every photo--not sure who she is); Darren and Carl both won huge jars of jelly beans and Skittles for coming the closest to number of pieces in the jar (Carl was only 3 jelly beans under!). Kevin won marbles and Ethan glow sticks in a silent auction, and Pat bid all the way up to $8.00 to win a dancing Santa Claus!!

The main dish for the lunch was a pig that had been roasted in a huge barbecue-type drum. Jacob would have nothing to do with it..."that pig's dead, and it's been in the dirt...yuck!" (That's a direct quote by the way.)