Friday, August 28, 2009

The Good Times Continue

Since these two cute girls live in Indiana, we don't get to spend much time with them, so we took advantage of their time with us--even got to make cookies with Courtney which has become a tradition when we are together. Meanwhile, Camilla was doing cartwheels across the carpet. That little 8-year-old has more energy than ten gymnasts!

Island Park Reunion

For the first time in three years (and that time was for a funeral), our entire family gathered at a "cabin" in Island Park Idaho. We had four days of non-stop fun, entertainment, and sight-seeing. Having all nine grandchildren together to get re-acquainted was a treat for us old grandparents.

Carrie Michael, Darren, Curtis--some things just never change!
We win--we have the cutest grandkids ever!
Yep, crazy

Camilla, Courtney, Kevin--the girls must be catching all the fish...
Strutting their stuff waiting for Old Faithful to erupt
Wow--what a wonderful place this is

Thursday, August 27, 2009

July Update

July was action-packed! We spent the 4th of July going on the Heber Creeper with Curtis, Shandy, Dexter, Carson, and Parker. The boys were awestruck--they were riding a real train!

That evening we joined with Carrie and Sam's neighborhood for safe and sane (ha!) fireworks. Carrie put the little ones in the bed of a pickup in the driveway to keep them out of "harm's way!" Looks like Cameron has already discovered girls...

June Update

During the month of June we traveled to Idaho, to Pat's brother, Paul's, wedding and had an absolutely wonderful time with the wedding group. Then to Washington and Oregon. We were able to visit with Pat's brother, Phil, and his wife Karen. It had been almost forever since we'd been there and hadn't seen their home. They treated us to a delicious dinner. If any of you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying Karen's cooking, you'll understand. Phil has been battling cancer of one form or another for over a year now, and has the best attitude ever.

The end of June we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. We share our anniversary with some dear friends, Dennis and Vickey Johnson--same day/same year. Vickey passed away in March of cancer, so on our joint anniversary we took Dennis with us to one of our favorite eating places, Ruby River Steakhouse. We all missed Vickey, but Dennis was a trooper. Here is the young-looking couple...

May Update

Carl's first project after retiring was to order topsoil. Since a whole dumptruck load was the same price as a half load, well, what's a person to do? He ordered a whole load. The remaining two weeks were spent moving that topsoil a wheelbarrow load at a time until he had moved the whole load all by himself. What a guy!

Meanwhile, Pat lent moral support from her favorite deck chair!