Monday, February 27, 2006

A Bunch of Old People

About every 6 months or so we get together with a group of people we used to know in the old Taylorsville 15th Ward. We lived there when we were first married. In the picture is (left side) Pat Clark, Cindy Peterson, Lynn Peterson, Victor Manwaring, Lyle Elmore, Linda Elmore, Jenienne White, Charlie White and Kathy Rash. (Her husband Ron was in Las Vegas on business). I was the one taking the picture. We sure look old, but we can sure tell some good stories !!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Getting Ready to Paint

After looking at Mike & Kim's new office at their house, we decided that would be the next room we would paint. It is turning out to be a major project. First, we had to sort through books in the book case, and take them all down stairs. Then came the biggest job of all - THE FILE CABINENT - Oh my gosh, we threw away papers from when we first lived in Ucon and before. The file was crammed full, and we significantly reducted the paperwork we wanted to keep. Now that the file is empty and out of the room, the next few projects should go quickly. Then we will be ready to paint. Here is a picture of Pat as she is sorting papers.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Home Teaching Woes

Okay, so, I (Carl) am trying to be a good Home Teacher to a single sister who is demolishing rooms in her basement because the walls were crooked. She is into Fung Shui and "the energy couldn't flow freely." So, as we are ready to begin, the sister reaches up with her big claw hammer and pulls on the sheetrock on the ceiling. The whole sheet comes down and hits me in the head (the sheet rock was heavily textured). All I could do was say, "Oh, it's okay." Pat wanted to put some Neosporin on it so it would heal quickly, but I said "No deal," as I wanted to get all the mileage I could out of it. It worked!

Verizon Job Fair - Dad Producer

On Thursday, 2/23, Verizon Wireless was invited to participtate in a Job Fair at the Valley Fair Mall. Carl was in charge of getting everything arranged (this is what he does as part of his job). We had two huge balloon bouquets, had "give-aways" of mints in a tin shaped like a cell phone. People thought we were giving away real cell phones. The other people in the photo are from HR or supervisors from the call center. The people in charge of the entire career fair told us ours was the best, and they were very impressed!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick of Winter

Here's a picture of our yard today, Feb. 22. And another taken from the same spot during late summer 05. We prefer the latter!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our First Post

All the kids have great Blogs, and put pressure on us old folk to get one of our own and "get with it." So here we are. We called our Blog "Winding Down" because that is just what is happening in our life. We go to work, come home, sit on the couch, go to sleep, wake up and go to work and it all starts over again.