Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Answer to Shandy's Tag


What is his name? Carl Rulon Clark

How long have you been together? Married 39 years

How old is he? 63

Who eats more? I think he does.

Who said I love you first? Carl did (I think--geez, that was forever ago!)

Who is taller? Carl by about 8 inches.

Who sings better? Carl would say I do, but his voice is much better than he thinks it is!

Who is smarter? We are both smart, but in different ways

Whose temper is worse? Temper--what's temper? More the silent treatment on my part.

Who does the laundry? I do most of it--especially since last time Carl did the laundry we now have pretty pink underwear!! As for who puts the laundry away, I do.

Who does the dishes? Usually me, I actually enjoy doing dishes--I tell Carl if he will cook I'll do dishes. We both like it that way.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do (and that doesn't mean we are old!)

Who pays the bills? I do. I really must teach Carl how to pay bills on-line.

Who mows the lawn? Carl mows, I trim, although I love to mow.

Who cooks dinner? Usually whoever gets home first, but Carl enjoys cooking the most .

Who drives when you are together? Carl, unless we are just going for a drive, then I do so Carl can "rubber neck."

Who is more stubborn? I am, unless you are talking paint colors--Carl usually wins.

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Well, since I'm never wrong...

Whose parents do you see the most? When our parents were alive, we saw Carl's the most because they lived closest.

Who kissed who first? Carl kissed me. We were in the back seat of a car at a drive-in movie--"Song of the South," a Disney movie.

Who asked who out? Kind of like Shandy, we were friends for a long time before we really dated. Of course, Carl knew things might be getting serious when he asked to borrow my 1961 Impala (I had a car, he didn't) to take out another girl and I got angry and said "No!"

Who proposed? Carl (no comments, Nalani).

Who is more sensitive? Me

Who has more friends? Our friends are mostly family, and there are several couples we have gotten together with for years, but Carl has more friends at work.

Who has more siblings? Me-5 brothers, 2 sisters.

Who wears the pants in the family? I think we are truly a team, so I couldn't say.

I am tagging: Barbara, Sharon, Karen, and Jana.

Monday, September 24, 2007

St. George Getaway

We finally made it to Tuacahn amphitheatre this past weekend with the Rashes and Petersons. We have known these two couples from when we were first married, and the friendship has endured through all these years. We get together about once every two months for dinner, and then Lynn, our "social director," planned this outing. We all piled into Lynn and Cindy's Honda Pilot that just barely held six--lucky for us we are the oldest of the three couples, with the most aches and pains, so we got to sit in the middle instead of crawling into the back.

The weather was gorgeous--it never got above 90, even though it did rain on Saturday, but it didn't slow us down. The play at Tuacahn "My Fair Lady" was wonderful. The setting is incredible! Of course we had to visit several shops in the St. George and Santa Clara areas that carried things with our names written all over them. And, of course, we ate some marvelous food (except Carl had to have salad with fat-free dressing until the final meal. He said...well, we won't say what he said...but in essence it was something like "it will be worth eating fattening food," (he just had gall bladder removed) and we had some wonderful desserts. The St. George area is incredible! Here are some photos of the weekend.

At the theatre--we actually sat in the 2nd row from the front.
Ron and Kathy (the young ones) getting into the back.

Theatre entrance (notice waterfall in background from all the rain)

Saturday night desserts at the "Painted Pony" restaurant

The group (minus Carl) We refer to Ron as "Elder Eyring"--he looks so much like Henry B. Eyring!

Sitting in the big rocking chair at a gas station in Beaver.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Carl's back!!! (If you saw the last photo of him on this blog, you'll know what we mean...) He is doing great and enjoying the new barbeque that he purchased this summer and from which we are all reaping the benefits. Here he is grilling "chicken on a stick," and it was wonderful.
Wouldn't be a weekend at our house without some good bubble blowing! Parker has really mastered the art of it and sits on the steps with a towel across his lap so won't get "sticky." Love the new fashion statement of the candy necklace, Parker.

We Love America!

As many of you know, Tammy Manwaring, stays with us when she comes down from Ogden to do her weekend drills. She is a captain in the National Guard. She told us about Governor's Day out at Camp Williams, a huge military facility between Salt Lake and Provo, so we headed up there so we could see Tammy march! Each year the governor is required to "review the troops." They make a huge day of it--families are invited, the military band plays, the different troops march. This year the governor also honored the wives and families of three soldiers from this group that had lost their lives. Their wives and children were there, and it was very touching.
Tammy has really brought to us a new appreciation for our soldiers. She and Shane both serve--Shane flies helicopters. The ironic thing is they both have the rank of Captain, so there are two Captain Manwarings in the family! It has been quite a sacrifice for their family, but both are very committed. We also enjoy it when Shane stays with us. He is a police officer with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office, so he parks his car in our driveway some days. Our neighbors think it's great--makes them feel safe! As soon as these two sell their home in Spokane and get into their own home here in Salt Lake County, we won't get them as overnight guests any more!
Carson and Parker got to go inside a tank, as well as some helicopters there were on display. (Sam is a huge helicopter fan, so he enjoyed those as much as the kids.)

There were also games and blow-up slides and zip lines for kids, as well as good food.

Party Time

Dexter got all kinds of cute toys, pajamas, etc., but he was obsessed with a little rubber lizard and would not part with it!!!

Most one-year-olds take a little coaxing to dig into the cake--not this one. He was digging in almost before the cameras were ready. The gooey picture are on Curtis and Shandy's blog.

Grandpa Lybbert has had Dexter standing with both feet on one of his (Grandpa Lybbert's) hands since he first started standing. He's almost too big now, but G. Lybbert managed to get him up there!

Those llime-colored balloons kept Carson entertained all evening!
Grandma Lorraine is one proud grandma--as well she should be...