Monday, July 28, 2008

Where Did July Go #2

Another party at Curtis and Shandy's. Darren and Susan were down for a family reunion with the Bartholomews, so we created a mini Clark reunion...

Curtis and his drink of choice

Grandpa has borrowed Kevin's ukelele while Darren is asking, "why can't I straighten out my arm?!"
Vegging out on the patio watching the kids play--now this is living!

Dex the happy driver
Oh, and we are now the proud owners of a Nintendo Wii, and we are loving it.
I think Carl has the drums figured out; Sam's doing the vocal; Carrie is figuring out the guitar--her specialty.

Where Did July Go?!

This month went by in such a blur--hmmm, what did we accomplish?! Who cares, we had some fun, and that's what counts when you get to our age.

A big share of the free time was spent trying to make progress on the deck. Here's Carl wondering where to nail the next board.
Great friends, Lynn and Cindy Peterson at a SL Bees game during Pioneer Days. It was blazing hot (does that bring back memories of a Mariners game two years ago, anyone?!).
A couple of classy sports fans.

Hiking up to Hidden Falls-Cameron slept through it all. I found the most interesting rock right at this spot...Speaking of sleeping.....