Thursday, June 03, 2010

Spring, Grandkids--Life's Good

We're pretty sure that spring has finally arrived. We were beginning to think otherwise--the weather around her this year is reminiscent of our years in Idaho.

This is Carl's favorite location when the weather is warm and the yardwork is up to date!

This Fisher Price train has been in our family since Darren was little. To Carl's dismay, Pat insisted on hanging onto some of the toy favorites, and it has paid off! When Dexter, Cameron, Parker, or Jacob come to visit, this is the first toy that comes out of the toybox! The barn peeking through at the bottom of the photo runs a close second.

Little Lucy is Grandpa Clark's pride and joy. This calm little girl settled right into his arms for her dinner bottle. Pretty sure she'll be getting whatever she wants from her Grandpa Clark as she grows!


fern said...

she is adorable!! ahhh it looks so peaceful- what is climbing up your trellis?

Susan said...

I think Carl needs a more comfortable chair to do his snoozing in the sun.

Carl and Pat said...

Fern, it is honeysuckle, one is purple and one pink.