Friday, August 31, 2007

The Stones are Out!

Okay--look at yesterday's blog and compare with today. Such a sad face. Poor guy just took a two pain pills and 800 mg. of Ibuprofen--this is the result.
He had two huge gallstones. Carl had begged the doctor to save him one. She gave him this and said she had to break them into thirds to get them out, so this is only a third of one. (Don't you love these gory details!?) Every time a nurse would come to take his vitals they's say "Good heavens, that's a huge stone!" So he was very proud...
Carl wanted everyone to see all four of his incisions! (You don't have to scroll down to see this if you don't want to---you've been warned...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Various & Sundry

Here's Carl, looking happy and relaxed; however, we'll see what he looks like tonight. We are taking him to Jordan Valley Hospital at noon today to have his gall bladder removed! I'm sure the next photo of him won't be so cheery! However, if it can get rid of all the discomfort (and burping...), it will be well worth it!
I love this photo of Dexter and Shandy. This is one happy baby, and Shandy is a great mom!

Another happy duo. I think Carrie is not feeling quite as well as she is putting on here! Just give her six more months...

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The following photos will probably be of interest only to those in my (Pat) family who remember the Whitney and Preston days. To me Cache Valley is home. I have such fond memories of going to Grandma and Grandpa Dunkley's farm in the summer and visiting Uncle Theo and Aunt Edith Bell, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Harley Greaves. On the way home from Menan, I talked Carl into exiting the freeway at Downey and driving through that oh so familiar territory on the way to Preston.......

Like my dad, Uncle Theo was a dairy farmer, and even though he is long gone, his barn with the painted scenes on it is still there, as well as their home which looks much smaller than I remember. I don't know if you can pick it out, but you can see Uncle Theo's brand which is a T sitting on top of a bell shape.

Dad's oldest sister, Ellen, and her husband, Harley Greaves, lived in this brick home in Preston. It was beautifully decorated inside, and we thought it was a mansion!

If you've seen "Napoleon Dynamite" you will recognize this hill between Whitney and Franklin. My Uncle 'K' used to tell me the top looked like an Indian chief, and as a child I could readily see the old chief up on top facing south with his headdress feathers flowing out behind him (Carl says "whatever..."!

The following are from the Whitney Cemetery where Grandma and Grandpa Dunkley are buried as are Uncle Dick and Aunt Marie. It kind of hit me that my favorite aunt was just two older than me when she passed away. They were the best aunt and uncle ever!! President Ezra Taft Benson, who was mother's first cousin, is buried just a few yards from them all.

The following photos were sort of sad to me. This is the home where I visited my grandparents and such a wonderful time picking raspberries, eating gooseberries, watching Grandpa milk the cows and pick apples. The house is almost unrecognizable. It was gray stucco with a flat roof which, of course, used to cause all kinds of problems with leakage! Someone later added the sloped roof, but it's all vacant now. The old apple tree is still there and the old garage.
This old sugar factory on the outskirts of Whitney is a familiar landmark.

Reunion Time

Carl and I met up with his oldest brother, Les and his wife Gay, and headed up to Stoddard Creek campground (about 60 miles north of Idaho Falls) for the annual Ferdinand Rottweiler family reunion. Seems the only photos we took were of us! Unfortunate, because it is quite an interesting and diverse group! Each year they have both a silent and regular auction and sell all kinds of items everyone provides. This year Gay's denim quilt brought in $250.00. This is how they fund the reunion. They have a family crest plaque with the word "Rottweil" on it which is the town in Germany where the family name comes from. They tickets for the plaque, and the person whose ticket it drawn takes the plaque, keeps it for a year, then brings it back to the next reunion.

Gay, Les, Pat Carl
(Les is the oldest of the kids and Carl the youngest)

The theme of the reunion was "holidays."
Here Gay is decorating a Valentine cookie.

Gay and Les are two of the best people you'll ever meet, and we love them dearly!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crazy, but great!

Here are some random shots taken during the girls/family weekend.

Nalani made a great purchase at the Coach store. (This handbag is so very "Nalani")

Some things never change!! These two have been hanging out for years and have gone through many phases of various facial hair styles, or lack thereof.

Carl gets teased about being so serious when he is cooking, so Barb put on her serious face, too

Here's Curtis trying on the "Carl" face!

I love this photo of the two little second cousins, Cannon and Dexter, getting acquainted!

Sharon models one of her Eddie Bauer purchases