Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ready & Root'n

Here we are, all ready for the Colts Game. I sure wish we were back in Indiana today, I can only imagine the party that will be going on at the Indiana Clarks today! GO COLTS!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let the "Fun" begin

Which color do you like the best? We've decided to start on the kitchen. Just need to get up a little steam. Once we get started it is easier. Getting started is the hard part. We have looked at some beautiful granite for counter tops. Shouldn't have done that as now all the other stuff doesn't look so good. The granite we looked at is black with splashes of color that match the cupboards. So, let us know what you think of the paint.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looking Back

When we were in Indiana for Thanksgiving, we took some incredible photos at the Lake House, and since life is fairly slow and boring right now (our idea of a night out tonight was to go to Target and find a new curling iron and hair blower!), I decided to post some of those pictures. The photo of Kim was her having her eyebrows plucked and shaped by a little lady in a mall kiosk who uses thread to yank out the hairs! It was something I'd (Pat) never even heard of, but it was amazingly fast!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Using our Panini Grills

Now that we all have Panini Grills, we ought to share the good stuff we fix on it. After Church today, I fixed Flank Steak, and It was delicious. Here is how I did it:

Score the flank steak on both sides about 1/4" deep both ways (making diamond pattern)

Prepare Marinade as follows:
1 Cup Salad Oil
1 Tablespoon Vinegar
1 Close Garclc
Salt and Pepper
I made it "special" by adding to the above
One big squirt of Horseradish Sauce
Around 1/4 cup of "Bernstein's Cheese & Garlic Italian Dressing"
Pour in shallow pan and put meat in the Marinade.

I put the meat in about 9:00 AM then cooked it at 4:30 PM when we got home from church, so let it soak up the good stuff for several hours.

I put it on the Panini Grill and cooked till Medium Well.

When done, let it rest for a few minutes, then cut diagonally in thin strips across the grain.

It was SO tasty. Give it a try sometime!

New Years Weekend - Fun

Here are some pictures of our CRAZY Mew Years Weekend. We loved having everyone here. The kids all got a bath. All the sparkling cider we could drink if only Pat makes it to Midnight.
Wanna hear a funny story? I think it is funny because I have been there before, but now I can just laugh. I was watching out the window as Darren and Susan pulled out of the driveway to head home. Before the car was even out of the driveway onto the street, Darren had stopped the car TWICE. I could tell things were a little tense, but after the 2nd stop, the kids got a lecture with finger pointing and everything. I couldn't help but smile! (How was the rest of the trip home? Did that one lecture last the whole trip?)